The inn

Time after time destiny led him down this road,
Time after time, nothing to eat but a swamp toad,
Spring came and brought along a silent whisper,
Once upon a time, the road took his beloved sister

No oher path to lead us to Anot,
No other path I could ever note,
I’ve seen things foul and wild,
My life was hardly ever mild

But no path I remember as cruel as this,
No path ever made me afraid to take a piss.
I kid you not, beast and bandits made hell,
Road leads you to it, as far as I can tell

But spring makes us take this path,
It makes us feel the nature’s wrath,
So we took our packs, prepared to die,
Walked the road, hiding a silent cry,

We knew not what awaits before us,
But imagine the suprise on our spring pass,
When instead of beasts and demise,
We stumbled upon Emanuel’s uprise.

Allorion the bard


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